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Why the RINOS will vote for Hillary

Friday, June 17th, 2016

Rinos hate Trump because he is their greatest fear and worst nightmare. A fear far greater than a Hillary or Bernie administration.

The Republican elitists fear Trump because a Republican in the White House that will not support the machine’s agenda will extol extreme political damage on them. A Trump victory could change the very face of conservatism and expose these hypocrites for what they really are.

“What are they” say you?

They are self-serving royalty who care nothing about true conservative values. They are cowards whose only true ambition is re-election. Their only true skill is fund raising.

They would sell out their own mothers in back door deals to enhance their personal power base.

Now what about a Hillary win in November?

The Rino elitists politicians, power-brokers and political scam artists will thrive!  Yes, that’s right. A Hillary win will ensure a limitless supply of capital (power) for conservatives in general.

A Hillary win will most certainly guarantee a continued majority in the House and Senate. Monetary support for conservative causes will break all funding records.

Yes, a Hillary victory will spell victory for the Rino elitist machine. A Hillary victory does not mean defeat for the Rinos, it means victory.

A Hillary victory only means defeat for “”We the People”.

Any “Republican” politician who refuses to support Trump is enthusiastically supporting Hillary for personal political gain. We MUST remember these duplicitous traitors come election day in 2016, 2018 and beyond.

God help us!!