WikiLeaks: CNN’s Gloria Borger Describes ‘GOP Hell,’ Calls John Podesta a ‘Star’

Wikileaks is just confirming what we already knew regarding the biased, dishonest, lying MSM.  Borger is such an obvious shill/stooge for the dems. Like slime, the truth now oozes out, for all to see. This shows “we deplorables” just how really bad and deep the corruption runs. Vaguely disguised as a journalist, Borger pimps for Clinton and demonstrates her disdain for the electoral process and the voters. Let’s send the likes of Borger and Brazille and the rest of these shills and crooks, a strong message and elect Trump! BTW, Is anyone old enough to even remember journalism being an honorable profession??


WikiLeaks: CNN’s Gloria Borger Describes ‘GOP Hell,’ Calls John Podesta a ‘Star’

by Ben Kew
1 Nov, 2016

The latest Wikileaks data dump has revealed how CNN chief political analyst Gloria Borger emailed Hillary Clinton campaign chief John Podesta telling him he was a “star” and describing how she had been in “gop hell.”

In a short email to Podesta entitled “U r a tv star!”, Borger wrote, “I have been in gop hell. Will reach out soon! U good?”

Podesta simply replied to the email “yup,” before Borger went on to praise Hillary Clinton’s debate performance, adding that “she had a really good debate tonite.”

Borger’s responsibility as a CNN political analyst is not to operate as a Clinton surrogate, but to provide balanced opinion and analysis of political developments.

The email was sent February 12th 2016, with Borger having appeared the evening before as part of CNN’s post debate panel between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders the night before.

The email only serves as further evidence of collusion between CNN and the Clinton campaign. This week CNN was forced to sever ties with DNC Chair Donna Brazile after it emerged she had fed questions to Hillary Clinton before one of her debates with challenger Bernie Sanders.

“We are completely uncomfortable with what we have learned about [Brazile’s] interactions with the Clinton campaign while she was a CNN contributor,” the network said in a statement on Monday.

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